Re: Toronto performance notes

In a previous post, I mentioned that Mark Bird Stafford of Toronto was
using a Bassman RI amp onstage at our gig on Nov. 7 at Chicago's in
Toronto.  Mark has kindly provided a more detailed description of his
rig, as follows:

The Bassman that I was using was in fact a 58 4x10 recently sent to Gary
Ornofrio of Sonny Jr amplifiers. The amp was checked for values by his
tech and then set up with the perfect mix of pre-amp and rectifier tubes
and speakers to obtain that perfect blend of break up and fat bottom end
that we so love. My mike was actually a Controlled Reluctance element
within a jt-30 shell. 

Most players on this list will recognize this setup as a blues player's
dream come true.  It sounded like it, too.

thanks, RH

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