Larry Adler meets Procol Harum!!/ Stevie Guests!!/Bonfigilio teaches!! and The Win(d) (slow) cries.........Bobbie!!!!!

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Sorry for the multi-topiced post, by I hurt my wrist and thought it =
would be less painful to type ONE post!   =20

Larry Adler was uncredited on a song "Your Own Choice", off the Procol =
Harum "Home" album.
This is a very cool little cartoon capsulizing the Adler story excerpted =
from Pulse Mag. from Tower Records 1999.
enjoy......rob paparozzi

  ***   I also see Stevie plays Harmonica on the new Cyndi Lauper CD on =
my fav. stevie composition, "Until you come Back to me"( Aretha Hit)!

***  I saw Robert Bonfiglio's post about a possible class he is teaching =
next summer. Although he a good friend, as a Harmonica Player, I must =
say you can really learn volumes about "Practice Skills, Technique and =
Musicality" by taking some lessons with him. He is a master Musician and =
VERY good teacher as well. I have found his lessons priceless in content =
and usefulness for ALL styles of music on the Harmonica as well as other =

**** Yikes...................Bobbie! that's one HIP =
dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!,-))) Foxy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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