Yerxa - The Early Years

Recently, on HarpTalk, a mention of Jack Bruce and a discussion on how 
members got started playing harmonica prompted Winslow Yerxa to write:
>When I think about it, if there is one person who motivated me to 
>start playing harmonica, it'd have to be Jack Bruce. That little two-
>note lick on "Spoonful" on the first Cream Album, "Fresh Cream" got 
>me crooning those notes into an electric kazoo that I'd cobbled 
>together out of old telephone parts, with my garage band at age 14-
>1/2. Pretty soon I started to feel a bit silly - there I was all 
>dolled up like Hendrix (or at least the best I could muster up and 
>get away with - probably looked pretty lame!) - humming into a little 
>black biscuit. 

Well, I'm sorry, but the imagery of that last line was too much to 
ignore, and I just had to see it for myself.  So can you, at this URL:

Who knew???  I mean... like, WOW, man!!!

ILUS HARMONICAS <><><><><><>

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