Re: pre amp for harp

Hello Alexei,

Actually, the Rage is a pretty good deal for a pre-amp. Way more gain
than you'd ever use, usable as a practice amp, and the pre-amp out can
go straight to a PA using a normal 1/4" guitar cable.

It is solid-sate and pretty cheap, but it's also built tough as nails.

I vastly prefer my RP-300 but the Rage is quite OK for the minimal
bucks, especially used. When it was all I had I wasn't unhappy.


Thursday, November 13, 2003, 5:06:03 AM, Alexai wrote:

A> I see Peavey Rage suggested on Hunter's page. Is it realy good for harp? AFAIK it is solid-state and pretty cheap ($100)

A> Alexei

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