Re: 1 mic two functions

From:  Roger A Gonzales

Roger: When I play with my band I use two mic set-ups. One to sing out
of and one to play out of. 

Larry Boy: Me too.

Roger: I have the vocal set up to the board of course, and the harp mic
to an A-B switch where I can switch between an AKG D790 and a green

Larry Boy:  I use two (or more) mics by with screw on 1/4" connectors. 
Easy mic switches.  No A/B box.

Roger:  There are times I would like to play my chromatic out of my
vocal mic for some jazz tunes I sing and play on but it is set up for
vocal and not chromatic.  

Larry Boy:  I play my choromatics through my hand-held harp mics, not
the vocal mic.  I don't understand "it is set up for vocal and not
chromatic."  Do you mean the EQ on the board?  Harmonicas, as a breed,
are fairly close to human voice frequencies.  Seems like the board EQ
would be OK.  If you're playing a chromaitc into a stand-mounted vocal
mic, be aware of the "sweet spot" as someone called it.  This is the
distance from the mic where pick-up is maximized.  It will vary
depending on how hot the mic is in the first place.  

Roger:  Is there some kind of footswitch I can use to quickly go from
vocal to harp mic?  

Larry Boy: Apparently some folks think there are.   Personally, I'd
advise against it.  Many songs require filling in with a harp line
between lyrics.  If you're singing and playing, you want that transition
to be as smooth as possible.  Sometimes its a pretty quick change from
singing to playing and back.  The last thing I would want is to add
another step (stomping a box).  

The simplest approach is to use two channels on the board, one for
vocals and one for harp.  Of course, your mileage may vary

Best Regards to All,

Larry Boy Pratt 

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