RE: pre amp for harp

I am one for the advancement of harmonica amplification via these fine new and what appear to be quality pre amps and the off shoot hybreds , man , with a few bucks and your there , no muss no fuss . I am actually considering getting one or two of these little marvels , but - - - , since I worked a long , long  time ago in a really cool high end audiophile service & repair center I realized a great many  cool little applications to things harmnonica in tube  pre amps . One of the great little secrects I used in a studio that are now to be had FedX fast from the net , but I still have my little tube pre amp I cannabilized from a 3M ( Wollensak & many other brands marketed them ) reel to reel tape recorder . It by far has been a real work horse for me over the years plugged into a mixer or p.a. board , I also have a few Teac reel to reel pre amps that work really great for that rainy day when that old 3-M dies on me & all where had for pennies on the dallor at a thirft shop ..!
... as the old expression goes - - - There is always more than one way to skin a cat - - - or One mans trash is an other mans treasure -  - - 


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