Voacl/Harp Question

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  Thoughts from the troops?


 Can you hit a footswitch and then sing through the same vocal mic you =
are using with the HC?  Say sing a verse...click..play tube sounding =
solo..then click  go back to  singing in a clean vocal mic.


Hey, JD.  There is nothing specific to the HC that would or would not =
let you do this (i.e. there is no "bypass" switch on the HC that would =
send the signal to the PA bypassing the guts of the HC).  Your question =
may be better asked of the whole group -- they have more stage =
experience than I do -- but I don't see why an A/B box wouldn't work.  =
Microphone into box, output A goes straight to PA, output B goes through =
HC to PA -- stomp to go from A to B -- you'd just have to be sure your =
impedence matched up.  The HC takes hi-z.  You would have two channels =
in the PA each one set at the right level, eq, etc.  As I said though, =
better to ask the folks with more experience.  Good luck.  --john k.=20


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