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Subject: Who is the harp player?

> I have just got a copy of Muddy Waters live at the Chicagofest. Can
> anyone tell me who the harp player is? I noticed that he was playing
> Golden Melody harps which struck me as unusual.
> Thanks
>   Chris

Hi Chris,
That harp player was George "Mojo" Buford, who has been with him off and on
many times over the years. He mainly uses Special 20's, or Marine Bands, but
around the time that was recorded, also Old Standbys (which were MUCH
different instruments back then, rather than the cheapo  Chinese made
Special 20 knockoffs theyare presently), and like most traditional blues
players, probably needed that particularly key he was using really quick, so
he probably bought it for that one time. (yes, I know that's gonna strike a
nerve, but with most of the more traditional blues players I've met and
known in almost 30 years of professional playing, that's usually what has
been the case).

Barbeque Bob Maglinte
Boston, MA

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