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Date: Mon, 10 Nov 2003 16:32:02 -0800 (PST)
From: john kuzloski <jkuzloski@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Commander line out adjustment's a few words on the harp commander in case it may be useful to
anyone.  Got one a few weeks ago and brought it twice to an open mic scene
where I am a regular.  Loved the convenience of going right to the PA!

However, both times (with two different PA's and sound guys), the sound guys
said the signal was too hot when using the line out (BTW, chose the 1/4"
option).  The first time, it didn't occur to me to use the instrument out
(which has a lower level), so the sound guy "padded" the input (I think he
hit a button on my channel that lowered the signal level).

A couple of comments:

  In terms of PA gear, DI boxes and the like a "pad" is a push botton switch
on some form of sound gear which introduces an attenuator into the signal
line.  An attenuator lowers signal level without affecting your tone.

  The original Harp Commander was designed with the Level output to have the
gain level on the PA or Mixer set to lowest setting (Line -40dbu), usually
all the way anticlockwise.

  Since this Ron has received a lot of communications expressing that the
Line Out has proven too hot in a lot of situations, and now sets the Line
Output at a lower Line level which just about any sound gear can handle and
can still be used to drive sound effects and amps.  The gain on the PA or
Mixer can now be set at about 10 O'Clock and still be able to drive the Harp
Commander at full gain without causing clipping.

  Although what I find curious is that John's purchase was recent.  I have
suggested to him he simply send it back to Ron for free adjustment to a
lower level close to the instrument out level.   Ron offers to adjust the
Line Level on Harp Commanders he's sold to a lower level at no extra cost
apart from shipping.  I suggest if you are having difficulties with yours
that you do it.  I have purchased two Harp Commanders, one of the original
ones with the high level Line Out which didn't cause me any problems, and
the later on the lower level Line Out which also works well and just
requires a different setting.  Because I sometimes use these in tandum for
Stereo signals I sent my original Harp Commander to be adjusted to match the
new lower level Line Out and got it back with no hassles and they perform
pretty much the same now.

  The main difference between instrument out and Line out is Line Out signal
is governed which is important when plugging into a Line In jack.

  Another point, anyone considering purchasing a Harp Commander who's not
sure whether to get the Line Out socket with a 1/4" jack or XLR 3 pin cannon
jack, my recommendation is to go for the 1/4" jack.   There is NO DIFFERENCE
in how the signal is wired, just the plug hardware, in that either way its
an unbalanced signal.

  Having an XLR jack on the HC will NOT give you the benefits of a balanced
signal which can be put through longer XLR balanced cables.  It will only
make things awkward for you in that you'll have to buy XLR cables and will
be more likely caught without a spare should you forget to bring it as has
been expressed on this list in the past.

  You can always purchase a 1/4" to XLR lead (no impedance convertor req'd)
if you want to be able to plug the Harp Commander into a vocal mic jack, and
still be free to use a simple guitar cable into the line in on the PA, mixer
or into an amp or guitar effects.


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