re: leaky harps

Date: Sat, 8 Nov 2003 09:18:50 -0800
From: "Jude Stensland" <judes@xxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: leaky harps

I have a big river and a couple other harps that I have been trying to =
tweak to get more responsive.  My special 20's sing when I blow or draw, =
instantly.  These guys wheeze.  They are clean.  I think the reeds are =
set correctly according to the lee oskar kit book.  But it just doesn't =
respond right away.  I haven't paid enough attention to this beeswax =
thing.  Is there a way to seal them so the air goes over the reeds =
instead of elsewhere?  Remember, I am a little mechanically challenged =
but educateable.  :-)

Hi Jude.

Assuming that you've bolted it together properly, it sounds like you've got
the reed gapping wider than you need for your playing style.

With diatonics set the lower pitch reed slightly more open than the higher
pitch reed.   Experiment with one hole's blow and draw reed until you've got
them playing the way you want them, then you can use that as a model for the
other holes, bearing in mind that gapping is relative to the size of the


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