RE: Need plain talk on my chromatic

Bullfrog asks:

> My Super X has a reed that is acting up.  Sometimes it is weak, about half
strength. Occasionally,
> I can give it a quick breath and the strength returns momentarily.  I
don't want to send this
> critter off for this.  I'm blind and rather technically challenged when it
comes to repair, but I
> think my son can help me with this, if we understand the problem in simple
terms.  It seems to
> need some simple cleaning or tweaking.  Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Sounds like your gap may be too wide. If a normal breath won't sound the
reed, but a sharp one will, the problem might be the gap. Check to see if
the gap looks very different from the 2 adjacent reeds.

On the other hand, it could be other issues - have him look very closely
(under the best magnification available) at the reed & valves. He's looking
for an alignment or gap problem, or crack in the reed. If there's something
(food, hair, fuzz, corrosion) blocking the reed, he'll see it. Just have him
compare the way the problem reed looks to the adjacent reeds. It sometimes
helps to have strong light BEHIND the reedplate. Worst case scenario: if you
can't find the problem in the reed, and suspect a valve, try (carefully)
removing the valve - it can be glued back on. Or, if the valve can't be
salvaged, you can get a new set of valves from Hohner (you'll actually get
MORE than a full set) for a nominal charge.
- -Scorcher

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