Re: 1 mic two functions

Hi Roger;

This should be one of those "well duh" questions with a simple answer (XLR
AB switch), but in practice it's not (the closest I could find was a fancy
broadcast box for $900!).  It would help if you told us exactly what you
want/need for vocal and chromatic, because there might be a much simpler
workaround.  Is it just  a change in volume, just EQ, just effects, or some
combination?  Do you have trouble with feedback because you're cupping the
mic?  (If it's directional - and most good vocal mics are - placing hands on
the head of the mic destroys directionality and makes it more feedback
prone).  Let me know and we can work from there.

For now I'll assume it's a change in volume and EQ.  Assuming the worst,
that you need two different PA inputs:

An AB switch will work.  I'm not aware of a switch for XLR, though, and
thanks to unscrupulous merchants trying to be listed for everything, Google
produced no usable results in the first few pages.  It would be pretty
simple to build one with a DPDT push on-push off footswitch, a female XLR,
and two male XLR connectors.  A simple switch might produce a pop when
switching, especially if you use phantom power or if the mixer defaults to
phantom power and it's unbalanced from one input to the next.

Another option is an XLR mic level equalizer with volume control and a
bypass switch.

Or you could convert to unbalanced and use a guitar stompbox.  Use a
transformer on the mic to convert to unbalanced, and switch between two 1/4"
PA channels.

You could also use a guitar EQ footswitch.  Set it to bypass and set your
vocal mic as usual; switch it on and optimize for your chrom.  Again, you'd
need an XLR to 1/4" transformer.

The transformer will probably affect sound quality.  Also, for
guitar/instrument level devices, the mic signal is too weak and really
should be boosted around +15 dB.  For line level, you'll need +30 dB.  So
you might want to look into a mic preamp, which would also negate the need
for the transformer.

Yet another option would be another mic.  An inexpensive electret condenser
lavolier has a nice, clean, and surprisingly full range sound, is easily
cupped, omnidirectional (and less prone to feedback when cupped or held),
and has either 1/4" or 1/8" plug.  This can be run into a separate PA in.

On Tuesday, November 11, 2003 9:05 AM [GMT-7=PDT],Roger A Gonzales
<gonz1@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> OK all you sound and gear mavens out there.  This might sound like a
> no duh question to some of you but those are the people I would like
> to hear from.  :)
> When I play with my band I use two mic set-ups.  One to sing out of
> and one to play out of.  I have the vocal set up to the board of
> course, and the harp mic to an A-B switch where I can switch between
> an AKG D790 and a green bullet.  There are times I would like to play
> my chromatic out of my vocal mic for some jazz tunes I sing and play
> on but it is set up for vocal and not chromatic. Is there some kind
> of footswitch I can use to quickly go from vocal to harp mic?  How do
> I do this what kind of switch?  I dunno.  Please advise.
> thanks in advance
> regards,
> Roger Gonzales  aka Gonzo

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