Query re reeds

 In our local 'Dollar Store' I picked up ( for $2.50 ) an "Apple Harmonica"
(made in China) (can't find them on the net !) then spent a couple of
enjoyable hours tweaking the gaps and using 'micropore' tape to lessen the
noticeable 'airiness' it had.  Now it will make a fair 'Stocking Stuffer'
for Xmas.

Question -- should I buy another and harvest the reeds as replacement for
blown ones ?  It seems that they may be a bit thinner than usual though
lengths and width are good. And the price is right !
It is a double row, 16 hole, tremolo tuned. The reeds 15 & 16 are narrower.
Also available is a 10 hole single row; will the reeds be any different ?
Thanks for replies.

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