Re: Harp Commander

My comments might hurt as much as help, but, Ron
Holmes is one of the Harp community's real treasures.
If I was rich I'd try to hire him as my tech and sound
man. The Harp Commander is an essential tool for the
touring or jamming harpster. 
<<<Date: Mon, 10 Nov 2003 16:32:02 -0800 (PST)
From: john kuzloski <jkuzloski@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Commander line out adjustment

As I've said in the past, I'm new to this 
amplified harp thing, but here's a few words 
on the harp commander in case it may be useful 
to anyone.  Got one a few weeks ago and 
brought it twice to an open mic scene where 
I am a regular.  Loved the convenience of 
going right to the PA! 
However, both times (with two different PA's 
and sound guys), the sound guys said the signal 
was too hot when using the line out (BTW, 
chose the 1/4" option).  The first time, 
it didn't occur to me to use the instrument 
out (which has a lower level), so the sound guy
"padded" the input (I think he hit a button 
on my channel that lowered the signal 
level).  I still had to keep the HC's 
level below 1/4, which wasn't really to 
my taste soundwise.  The second time, same 
thing, so I did use the instrument out and 
could keep the HC's level around noon -- worked 
very well.  Sounded great to my ears (and 
some others -- like my girlfriend's, LOL).
Dilema: one of the potentials of the HC is 
running the line out to the PA and the instrument 
out to an amp simultaneously (some harp-lers 
seem to like this a lot).  If I have to 
use the inst out for the PA, that might be a problem. 
I emailed Ron Holmes about this, 
and he offered to lower the level of the line 
out at no charge.   I took him up on this.  
He also was very quick about it!   Big kudos 
to Ron.  I haven't had a chance to test it 
all out yet, but at least in theory, now I 
can run the lowered line out to the PA w/o 
lowering the HC level knob AND run the inst 
out to, let's say, my Pro Jr.  
BTW, although I love the sound of my Pro Jr, 
I think the HC adds something that makes it 
even a bit more exciting, hard 
for me to describe, hotter perhaps? punchier 
maybe?  (not that I feel the need to use it 
all the time).
(I hope I didn't just come across two quirky PA's 
and someday I'll regret lowering the line out 
when I can't compete with drums and amps that are
mic'ed to a PA -- I guess I could have Ron reset 
the line level again if necessary!)  
Thanks again to listers for all the sharing of 
years of experience.  --john k.

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