Recent Hohner Problems

First off I would like to say, I have played many Hohner harps in the past.
I am very pleased with Hohner harps today compared to the quality of the
past Hohner harps (with exception of some of the pre-war harps).

That being said, I have noticed that recently the rivet that holds the reeds
down seems to be a bit looser than normal. Lately after doing a little
slight work on the harps, I have to tap on the rivet to tighten it. That
stop a very slight buzz that seams to accrue now after a bit of work on the
reeds. This is much more often than in the past special 20's I have been
working on. Anyone know if Hohner has changed there pressure that they use
on the rivets or maybe just got a little careless? Maybe this will come to
the attention to Hohner and be resolved! But it may not be an issue. I might
actually be rougher myself than I used to be. Either way, maybe Hohner could
add a bit of pressure to this themselves. Is it possible to get the rivet to
tight? As long as it don't warp or bend anything!

Vince Cheney
~The Blues Site -

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