Re: Harp commander line out

Hey John,

  interesting development you have there. something i
might want to look into... i've noticed that when i'm
plugged into the PA, the volume (on the PA) has to be
kept really really low or i'm blastin! and i don't
dime the level on the HC either, i'd say i keep it
around 2 o'clock. can't really go higher. 
  next time i'll try the instrument out. i hope it
doesn't harm anything...
  also, you mentioned that you've used the HC with
your Pro Jr. if you wouldn't mind, could you (at some
point) tell us more about your experience with it? are
you able tot turn the amp up louder before feedback?
do you think you can get a wider range of timbres
(sounds) through the amp using the HC than without it
(i.e., from "honk" to "high compression"?) and lastly,
do you think the tone is noticeable better?
  just curious. i played through a Pro once, but
didn't have time to play with it. i literally had a
minute or two before the show, and i just dialed in an
OK sound and went with it. would like to know more...

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