Sonny Jr cab Sure 330 ribbon

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Hello      I have a  new sonny jr  cabinet loaded with 4 sonny jr =
speakers  it is tweed  and it is built with room to install your  own  =
head    or just use  it for an extention cabinet  ,  it comes with a =
tuki cover.  1  Sure 330 ribbon mic    rebuilt by Dick Gardiner       1  =
 beyer 160  ribbon mic   and a bunch of unused  Bushmaster harps    =
minor and major tuned   . I have a bunch of other harp related stuff as =
well  (preamps/eqs)   loopers       Its time to house clean  while I am =
home for a couple of weeks  and I thought I would post here before Ebay =
. Please reply offlist  Thanks  Mike Stevens      =

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