Last Night's gig

We had another great night at Starland Cafe in DC last night.  New songs
added to the repertiore included "Further On Up The Road" ala Clapton and
Bobby Bland, "Some One Else Has Been Stepping In, While You've Been Stepping
Out" (don't know the real name of that one.) and Miles' "All Blues".

The highlight of the evenieng for me was meeting Harp-ler Pearl Bayliss.
Pearl is relatively new to Harp-L, lives in DC and she and her friend were
quite the dancing pair.  They had more spins than a rinse cycle.  Welcome to
Harp-L Pearl.  Don't be shy, we know you're out there, and thanks for coming
to the show.

Best Regards to All,

Larry Boy Pratt

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