Re: Carr Amps

I have a 2 x 10 Rambler which is a lovely clean amp with great reverb and
tremolo.  Great for guitar but far too stiff for harp as far as I am
concerned.  I also have a 2 x 10 Hammerhead which, despite its discouraging
name, is an exceptional harp amp - right up there with some contemporary
specialist harp amps.

I'm trying to resist the Mercury as I already have far more amps than I can
use on a regular basis but my record for willpower is not good in this


At 01:10 PM 11/5/03 -0800, Jp Pagan wrote:
>Hey y'all,
>   just out of curiosity, anyone here ever blow
>through a Carr amp, like the Rambler or the Mercury?
>they look SWEET and they seem harp-friendly (though
>they're vicious when it comes to your wallet! :) the
>Mercury especially has a very cool feature for
>achieving gain at low volumes. 
>   check 'em out at (no affiliation,
>   --Jp

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