re: Jagger on Harp

Mic also played about 20 seconds of harp on Living Color's album "Vivid' on
just the intro to one song "Broken Hearts".  The harp is backed up by horns
and some great pounding drums.  I think it's great harp playing because the
tone, rhythm, and feeling are perfect, even innovative.  Some  might
criticise it by saying it's simple, but I would reply, "Yes, it's simple
like Jimmy Reed's groove was simple."

I second the opinion that the harp playing in the live version of "Midnight
Ramber" is outstanding  --The ultimate head shake!  When I was in high
school I used to drive a '66 Rambler and that song was my theme song.

Talkin' 'bout the Midnight Rambler .....
    --Rick B

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