Chord Harmonicas for Sale

Dick Gardner offers the following:

"I have a chord harmonica for sale, ''AS IS''. It's worst problem is
the visual not so clean condition of it. It needs a light overhaul and
basic cleanup, touchup as normal. I don't think it has any busted reeds,
maybe some off-tune, but overall, it was just ridden hard and put away
wet. Since I have 3 or 4 others, needing repair before I can sell them, 
I decided to make this one available as a handyman's special. The box is
also with it...If some handy repair guy wants this, and as a bonus, 3
Huang chords....2 20 chord shorties, and the 48 chord poorman's copy of
Hohner's layout....All for the whopping price of $150.00, shipping
included..that's FOUR chord harmonicas for 150 clams!  the huangs are:
one little picker, and the other, a mild tune/cleanup
needed. The Huang 48 is just okay, but intact., the whole package is all
worthwhile for the right people who can use or restore them all. The
HH267/384 chord will be a definite nice rebuild."

Anyone interested, contact Dick at: harmonicats@xxxxxxxx


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