Re: JJ 6L6GC vs. Philips 6L6WGB comparision

Your comments about the 6L6GC vs the 6L6WGB or a 5881 (such as Tung
Sol) relative to voltage handling are correct.  This discussion sort of
started regarding tubes for the Sonny Jr amps.  The plate voltages in
that amp are much lower, around 300 if I recall correctly.  Therefore,
5881's and 6L6WGB's do fine with any rectifier in that amp, from a 5y3
to a 5AR4/GZ34.  I've also used a solid state plug at times, but don't
care for the tone.


- --- The Bernadettes <mdestefano@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Having experimented with swapping out both JJ 6L6GC and Philips
> 6L6WGB's, let me
> share my experiences.  First the Philips is a less powerful tube,
> it's
> dissipation rating is 23 watts, the JJ 6L6GC is 30 watts.  The
> Philips will
> break up a little quicker and have a slightlier midrangier tone.  The
> JJ's tend
> to be cleaner sounding and have a wider frequency response, more
> punchier bottom
> end.  As far as durability, the JJ's are every bit as durable if not
> more so
> than the Philips.  6L6WGB tubes are less tolerant of high plate
> voltages than
> the 6L6GC's.  I had a pair of Philips 6L6WGB's in my SF Super Reverb
> which has
> very high plate voltages and they lasted only about 6 months before
> they started
> to sound real crappy and losing power.  The JJ's have been in there
> for a year
> and a half and they still work great.  I wouldn't use 6L6WGB tubes in
> an amp
> that runs over 450 volts on the plates, 6L6GC's can handle well over
> 500 volts.
> If you have lower plate voltages on your amp the 6L6WGB's are fine
> and will
> last.  I have a pair in my BF Vibrolux Reverb (which puts around 415
> volts on
> the plates) they sound and work great.  I've heard people
> recommending that
> people use the WGB's in amps such as the RI Bassman and Super
> Reverbs, they'll
> work but not last, especially if you're also running high effiency
> rectifier
> such as a solid state or 5AR4-GZ34 tube rectifier which will cause
> your amp to
> run at higher voltages.  If you want to use Philips 6L6WGBs in a RI
> Bassman or
> Super, you should also use a less efficient rectifier such as a 5R4
> or 5U4 to
> lower the plate voltages...and make sure you get the power tubes
> biased
> correctly.  I should note that the famous Tung Sol 5881's are pretty
> similar to
> the Philips 6L6WGB's in that they're not tolerant of high plate
> voltages, I know
> people use them in RI Bassmans hoping to get the sound of the vintage
> Bassmans,
> but I wouldn't risk it, not with NOS Tung Sols going for $150 a
> pair...gotta
> remember the reissue Bassmans run at much higher voltages than the
> originals.
> Don D.
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