RI Deluxe Reverb questions

I have a few questions about the Fender Reissue Deluxe Reverb:

1.  The set screw for one of the knobs fell out. Does any one know the size 
of these screws? Angela music is selling them for 12 for $5.00, which means 
I get 11 more than I need.

2.  I use this amp for playing guitar, and I have other amps for harp. I'm 
thinking of trying to set up the Normal channel for harp -- that is, 
swapping out the 12 AX7 for a lower gain tube -- while continuing to use the 
Vibrato channel for guitar.

Looking at the amp from behind, the tube layout is:

GZ 34  6V6  6V6  12AT7  12AX7  12AX7  12AT7  12AX7  12AX7

Can someone tell me which preamp tube(s) are used for the normal channel.

3.  Looking at the tube layout, which 12AT7 controls the reverb? What does 
the other 12AT7 control -- the vibrato?

4.  Finally, does swapping pre-amp tubes in one channel affect the 
performance of the other channel?

BTW, I have a Weber Blue Dog speaker in this amp -- I really like it a lot.



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