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- --- "adams, john" <adams_john@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> When I saw the Stones last year, Mick did play harp
> on a couple of tunes.
> "Miss You" was one of them.  One that the harp was
> missing from was "Gimme
> Shelter".  

don't get me wrong, i didn't mean to imply he doesn't
play harp at all, i just don't think he did (much)
when he recorded with the Red Devils. they have their
own harp player and front man, Lester Butler, who's
damn good, imo. not everyone's cup of tea, but i find
something really compelling about his harp playing,
and his singing. 
i know MIck plays on Exil on Main Street, which i
have, and other albums, which i don't. the original
"Miss You", i think, had Sugar Blue on harp. 
truth is, i'm not a huge Stones fan, so lots more
people know lots more about this than i do (though
Exile on Main Street is a very good album, and fun to
play harp along too)


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