Re: Pat "Hatrack" Gallagher

After reading a few posts on Pat 'Hatrack' Gallagher and TJ Wheeler 
a few weeks back and visting Hatrack's website, I had to buy his 

I am really enjoying the CD "Blues You Can Bank On". The other two 
I got are really good as well ("It's all the Blues to Me" and "The 
Next Right Thing"). Those are the only three that I found on any others ?

I was very impressed with BOTH Hatrack's diatonic and chromatic harp 
playing. Very very nice!

I love it when a 'new' great harp player is brought to my attention... and I find out I really like 'em !

Thanks Sam and Harp-L!

Ken Hildebrand

- --- In harp-l-archives@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Samuel Gravina 
<sgravina@xxxx> wrote:
> Back to harp.
> Here at Lincoln Laboratory we were just treated to a lunchtime 
concert by
> Hatrack Gallagher and T.J. Wheeler.
> There last song was a Sonny Terry, Brownie McGee medley of "Lost 
John" then
> "Rock Island Line". Fantastic, I don't think Terry and McGee 
could have
> been any better.
> Gallagher is a great player. He plays his folk blues on both 
chromatic and
> diatonic with equal skill. He plays into the same mic he sings 
into too.
> He has a web site:
> Sam

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