re: mick jagger

Mojo Red writes:
> Didn't Mick J. play a lot of harp when he did that
> session with The Red Devils called "Nature of My
> Game"? It was an all-blues effort.

I haven't listened to it in awhile, but i'm positive
that Lester Butler does most of the harp work on those
recordings. I can't remember which songs, if any, Mick
plays on though. Got too many other songs in my head
right now, and these weren't the best quality
recordings, as i recall. I think the only ones
available are unmixed bootlegs.
And speaking of the Red Devils, i highly recommend
everyone check out "King King" and the EP "Blackwater
Roll". (maybe it was Backwater...) the Red Devils were
a hard rockin' blues band. one of my favorites.


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