Re: XB40 Reviews

At 03:21 PM 11/6/2003 +1100, Rick Dempster wrote:
>At the moment I'm keen to see some reviews of the XB40 which has yet to
arrive on Australian shores.
>The Harp-L archive seems to be out af action, so I would appreciate people
sending me any evaluations they have of this interesting invention

Welcome back to Harp-L, Rick!  The list is "under new management", so to
speak, and still working out problems, but you can get some help for your
quest if you go to the Yahoo!Groups temporary setup for a searchable archive
of sorts [only goes back to December 2001, but should be all you need for

Go to:
Click on "Messages" [Left side, under "Home"]
Insert the name "XB-40" in the space provided and click "Search Archive"

You should get several pages of messages discussing the instrument onlist at
least as far back as January, 2002.

Try that. ;)


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