Re: Replacement tubes for a Sonny Jr

I wanted a spare set of new (not NOS) tubes for my SJ2. I asked Sonny for
recommendations and he suggested JJ Tesla 6L6s which I currently have in the
amp ($40.00 for a matched set of four off EBay). They sound great to me
although I am about to take them out and replace them with the original Jan
Philips which I think sound better and are probably more durable for
gigging. The JJs go back into the gear bag as back ups. I should mention
that Sonny stated he is not really into brands as far as tubes are
concerned. His amps sound so good that I believe you could stick salt
shakers stuffed with paper clips into the amp and it would sound like a

if you are going to gig with this (or any other amp for that matter) you
might also want to buy a whole set of back-ups including a spare (matched)
set of 6L6s, a rectifier, an inverter, and a preamp tube. I use a 5AR4 for
the rectifier (gives me more punch than the 5U4) and they run hot, so I
carry a couple of those with me.
....and don't forget a spare fuse!

My SJ2 has given me NO problems so I don't want to suggest that all these
spares are the result of hard learned lessons with this amp. I just played
through other junk amps for so many years that I'm cautious.

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