Jagger on Harp

There's a new authorized Rolling Stones book (I think its called "In Their Own Words"
or maybe "Read My Lips", I'm not sure cause I was just thumbing through it at the
bookstore, I don't own it).  Anyway from looking at the index it has more than a few
harmonica references.   I had only time to read one.   Mick Jagger talks about how
nobody would help him to learn to play. "How do you bend a note?" he asked "With a pair
of pliers" was the reply!

He talks about how he quickly realized he'd need a whole set of harps and how he  dhis
own reeds when they went bad. (That one I'm skeptical of, but I guess it could be
true.)  He says since nobody would show him anything, he learned by listening and
playing along to his Jimmy Reed records which were mostly in just one or two keys.   He
says that he had a harp rivalry with Brian Jones.  Jagger feels he eventually surpassed
Jones on harp.

Interesting stuff!

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