RE: Sources of Little Walter tabs

Rick Beall asked:
Could someone tell me in what book Tom Ball tabs out Little Walter and Big
Walter licks, and what songs does he do?  Also in  Dave McKelvy's book
called "Blues Harmonica  Transcription" what Little Walter songs are tabbed
out there?
I would be interested in hearing about any other books where Little Walter
licks are tabbed out or put in standard musical notation.
Hi Rick (and list,)

Just blew in last night from a UK tour and found the above question 
on the L....

Here's the info on my own modest book:

But please be aware that my book does NOT tab out actual complete LW 
tunes... instead it simply tabs out a bunch of licks that LW (and BW) 
played in various tunes and contexts...

For actual tab of complete LW songs, you might try Glenn Weiser's 
tabs at:  and/or I'm sure 
Dave Barrett would have something amongst his very fine books?


Tom Ball

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