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Sent: Wednesday, November 05, 2003 12:13 AM
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> Today I compared the sound of (self-customized) vintage harp with a Tony
> Ramos customized Marine Band.
> When I played a vintage harp for the first time I also thought the sound
> a bit "trebly".
> But the sound of the Ramos harps was even more "bright".
> But after using them for a while I got used to these harps and by playing
> more "resonant" they have everything I want from a harp. From warm
> to agressive, punchy.
> The embossing that is done during customizing make the sound more bright.
> discussed this with a few customizers and they all agreed with that.
> I regap all my vintage harps... they have a good set-up out of the box but
> for overblow I close the gaps by taking the curve out of the reeds.
> I do the same with the low keyed vintage harps(low F, low E and low D) and
> found them very useful during my last gigs.
> I tune them to compromised tuning because I have little trouble with
> note playing when the harp is tuned to just intonation ( as on the vintage
> harps).
> If anyone is interested I can send the compromised tuning ( in Hz for
> hole.... richter tuning)
> Ben Bouman
> Holland
> www.marbletones.com
> www.marble-amps.com

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