Hering Vintage 1923's

I've got a few 1923's.  While I generally like them, I wouldn't go around bragging
about their tone.   I find their tone to be rather on the thin side and a little bit
tinny. Someone else has posted that they sound like "toys".  Well I wouldn't go that
far, but I can understand where he's coming from.  Perhaps some coverplate adjustments
might fatten up the sound, but I haven't tried any cover plates mods yet.

What I do like about the 1923 is the double-thick reedplates.  I think they give the
harp a responsiveness closer to a customized harp than any other
off-the-shelf/out-of-the-box harp I know of (as well as giving the harp a nice heft). 
I still had to regap mine - tightening up some holes to get overblows while opening up
others.  But once I did, I was very pleased with this harp.

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