Envelope Filter

Following the discussion the other day about effects and envelope filters I
went and bought myself a Digitech Synth Wah envelope filter pedal.  It took
some messing about but I finally arrived at a sound that is worth the price
of the pedal (~$80 new).  The Digitech has two lines out, one dry (no
effects) and the other wet (effects), which I ran into two separate
channels of my preamp, one compressed (the dry line) and one clean (the wet
line).  I mix the two in the amplifier to get a balance of distorted harp
sound and clean wah sound which I like a lot.  I recorded a sample and put
it up on my website if you want to check it out.  The sample is not very
good quality and is relatively large (~250K) because it is more than 30
seconds long.  If you've got the time or the bandwidth and are interested,
check it out:


- -tim

Tim Moyer
Working Man's Harps

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