Re: Best way to search Harp-L archive?

At 07:16 PM 11/3/2003 -0800, Rick B wrote:
>Hi all,
>  What's the best way to search the Harp-L archive for posts in the current
>and last month?  I just accidentally deleted all my harp-l email!

Rick [and others], first go to this URL where the most current archives are

That will bring you the very latest posted messages on Harp-L.  Then, here
are some other options:

If you click on "Messages" in the Navigation bar [left side], that will
display the most recent 30 posts or so.

You might also go to the bottom of the page and select the month where you
want to start searching, and that will bring up the messages beginning with
the first of that month.  That is, clicking on 2003's October [which had 533
recorded messages for that month] and it will begin showing the messages
beginning with October 1, 2003; that is, messages numbered 15727-15756 of

My next best suggestion for you at this point is to either enter the search
term [Subject, Author, etc.] you have in mind, if you know what you want to
find exactly, and select "Search Archive".

My favored option is to recommend selecting "Expand Messages" at the top
lefthand side of the area above the message list.  The main reason I suggest
this is that this not only lets you view the whole large group of messages,
[all those within the range of posts as shown by their numbers at the top of
the selection,] without those annoying Yahoo advertisement interruptions, but
also as in digest format... just scroll through many posts at a time!  I
believe this is, in fact, one of the relatively few features that
Yahoo!Groups has gotten right!  I use it in all my Yahoo forums.  ;)

In that mode, you can then click on "Previous" and be taken back to the last
such numbered group of "expanded messages"; IOW, you go from one group to the
next like this:

16258-16288 of 16288
Then, to:
16228-16257 of 16288
Then, to:
16198-16227 of 16288
... and so forth.

All without the popups and commercial interruptions!!  Yaaay!!!  [Oh, well, I
have to point out that the static ads will still be interspersed unless you
have them blocked with one of various types of free ad-blocking software, or,
as I have, Norton Internet Security, turned on.]  Still, it's a lot easier to
handle and view many messages at once!  And you can just cut and paste parts
you want to respond to!  Sweet!!

Hope that helps a little.
Harpalong, y'all!!


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