Harp Repair Question

I've got a question about harp repair. I have played
for many years, and I've been lurking out here on the
list for about 2 months. I've seen many topics
regarding repair etc... but I'm a bit overwhelmed by
all of it. 

Specifically, what I would like to do is learn how to
fix diatonic harps where a reed goes flat from bending
notes. This is my biggest problem with harps and
always has been. This could be either a blow or draw
reed, but mostly draw reeds. I've always played hard,
and that may contribute. I've always simply bought new
harps, but that is too costly and I'd like to think
that even I could fix harps instead of throwing them
away. (actually saving them for no apparent reason)

What would you recommend me doing in terms of learning
how to do this both in terms of instructional
matarials as well as tools. And is it something that
is practical for a player who has never attempted to
tinker with the mechanical aspects of the instrument?

I'm not terribly interested in replacing reed plates
as you may as well buy a new harp with the cost of
that in my opinion. 

Thanks in advance,

Pete Remenyi

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