Re: re:Jason Ricci's website

Haven't checked the links, but, I did buy Feel Good Funk, so I'll comment on
that.  Jason reminds me a bit of Kobe Bryant when he first hit the NBA
straight out of high school.  Young, cocky, and supremely talented, but, in
need of a little refinement.  His mastery of the instrument is, quite often,
mind blowing,  yet, at this stage of his career he's consistantly balls to
the walls, from beginning to end, on each song.  Sometimes I want him to
step back, take a breath, let me down, slow my heart rate a bit.   Track 4
of FGF is an exception, it's filled with a lot of tasty, relaxed, harp
playing where you really start to get a feel for what he's capable of and
where he'll eventually wind up as a harp player.

The scary part is he's still in his 20's.  He's  going to be the Kim Wilson
of his generation.


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