VC508 post power tube line out

FYI, regarding the contiuning VC508 saga.  Just got
mine back from having a 2nd line out installed (just
before the speaker).  

I tried it out on my cheap "practice" PA, and it
sounds good.  I can get serious volume out the PA
speakers while keeping the gain knob low (thus
avoiding the high level distortion that sounds
artificial to my ears).  Using late model JT-30 with
volume at 3/4 to max; 12AY7; amp Gain=2, Tone=0-2,
Vol=10.  Just the slightest nudge up on the gain knob
can still push things into that zone I don't like, but
it is definitely controllable.  

Just mic'ing the amp at these settings sounds good but
requires turning that PA channel up pretty darn high
(not sure how that might work in a real live situation
with other musicians).  Running both signals through
the PA at the same time also sounded good! If jumping
into a quick live situation, I think I would have no
problem using just the new, convenient, 2nd line out. 
I'll have to give that a try soon to be sure.  (Glad
to see that I got a strong signal to the PA before the
amp feedsback -- have to leave the amp speaker
connected, the amp's volume is pretty low at these
settings.)  --john k.        

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