Pete Sheridan and myself will be selling off some of our spare gear and new 
stuff at the Scranton Guitar Show this Sunday in Scranton, PA. 

The new items will be Marine Bands, Special 20s, Golden Melody's, 
2-Turbolids, Dano-mini pedals and several inline volume and vol/tone pots. 

The volume pots are marketed  for use by acoustic guitarists but they work 
well with strong harp mics. There is some slight signal loss with the volume 
pots. They are several feet long and have 1/4 inch male plugs at both ends.  Pete 
will  be selling the update of his manual, "Quest for Tone and Amplified 
Harp," as well as his vintage guitar and amp book.

The used gear will be pedal and rack effects, some prewar and vintage Tremolo 
and Octave harps, a lot of harp mics, a few small vintage tube and solid 
state amps and whatever oddities we can find geared toward harp players.

   The show is at the Scranton Holiday Inn-East, at the junction of
I-81 & I-380 Exit 1.  Starts at 10 AM and closes at 4 PM.  Admission is

If you are in the area or have questions about getting your Hohner harps 
repaired stop by. You can also drop off your chromes for repair.

Hope to see some of you there.

Michael "Fathead" Easton
Chromatic and diatonic repair and restoration @

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