Great Interview of and by Jason Ricci Feel Good Funk

Hi all,
I interviewed Jason Ricci for, and  Jason being the great
guy he is, he really opened up and gave me song keys, harp keys, and his
specific and general strategies on how he created the solos for the album
"Feel Good Funk".

I was always amazed by Jason's playing because it seems so free from
restraint.  To listen to it, you would not think there were any chromatic
limitations on the 10 hole diatonic harmonica.  Jason said he acheived that
by treating each chord change in the I IV V as a key change, so he shifts
effortlessly from 2nd position to 1st, to 3rd position as the chords change.
I believe Howard Levy has given some seminars where he talked about
something similiar, and also our own Winslow Yerxa has analysed this
approach some in previous posts on Harp-L.

The Jason Interview is on the front page of under CD
Reviews, 2nd from the bottom.  Or here is a direct link:

Also I would encourage you to visit Jason's webpage and
sign up for his newsletter.  His newsletter contains his monthly experiences
on the road.  This stuff is kind of unvarnished and fun!  Read it if you
want to see what life on the road in a harmonica band is like.

    --Rick B

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