want to say hello

i=B4am new in this group and want to say hello to all members.
My name is Ralf and i live in Germany. I=B4am playing for 13 jears Bluesharp=
and before that i was playing saxophon. In a eveningschool i=B4am teaching=20
Bluesharp and i=B4am doing Bluesharpmics myselfe. There is one microphone i=20=
want to=20
tell you about.
It=B4s the beyer dynamik M 81. This mic is a Hammer and i think it is one to=
put in your Harpcase. It kicks away the shure unidyne 3 , very loud greate=20
bassresponse and you can play clean and very dirty with it. It is also a uni=
system and if you close the cool looking grill with your Hands, it=B4s sound=
heavy ( mutch better than the Shure ). With the ohmeter it have 600 ohm and=20
sounds greate but if yu put an NF transformer behind the output it is one of=
most good sounding mics i ever heard. The NF transformer has 1300 ohm at the=
output and you can by it in Musikshops for 15 $ . ( Try it with other low=20
impedance Mics too and be surprised).
If someone want a photo , please tell me it=B4s a cool looking one and not e=
to get. But if you find one, catch it .
Ok, i hope my english is not to bad and perhaps the tip with the NF=20
transformer helps.
Bye Ralf

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