S P A H 2003 !!!

SPAH 2003 ... Harvey Hotel, Irving, Texas ... 19 - 23rd August 2003

YES!!! ... less than 80 days to S P A H   2003

INFORMATION???   It's all here --->>  http://WWW.SPAH2003.com
This site is updated almost daily with the latest news.

Who is performing??? It's all on the website!!!  :))

However... just for a taster ...

Note: We will keep you updated of changes and additions as we get closer to 
the show.

Jerry Adler
  Norton Buffalo
   Dallas Harmonica Trio
    Fata Morgana
     Mark Ford
      Mark Graham / Tom Sauber
       Harmonica Hotshots - Al & Judy
         Paul Harrington
          Kirk "Jellyroll" Johnson
           Jimmy Lee
            Gregoire Maret
             Sam Myers / Anson & The Rockets
              Paul Osher
               Mike Turk / Jon Wheatley
                Phil Wiggins

You can see pictures and listen to sound clips where???

		  http://www.spah2003.com   of course!!!

The information below is the same each Ad.
Besides world class diatonic and chromatic solos, and groups, you will
have the opportunity to see and hear some once-in-a-lifetime
performances of professional harmonicists playing together. For those
attendees who want to get up and play, there will be plenty of
opportunities with afternoon play-alongs and open mic sessions and the late
night acoustic blues with guitar and jazz jams with a jazz trio accompanying.
Besides the entertainment we will have wonderful educational seminars by
some of the best harmonica teachers in the world and many of our
entertainers lead by Joe Filisko. As always Simpson/Smith will be there 
doing their renowned six hour workshop.
At SPAH 2003 there will be a nice compliment of exhibitors and merchandise
for you to choose from:-
John Hall of Harp Depot is expected this year, of course, with a full line
of harmonica merchandise... and his End of Festival Auction!
Hohner will be repeating their appearnce of last year in Columbus which was 
so well received.
SPAH will, as always have many different CDs on sale and also member's
In addition you will see exhibits by some entrepreneurs who have specific
harmonica products for sale.
This year the spouse activities will include activities such as breakfast,
great optional tours ... and a few surprises. As usual, local club members
will be able to direct families to activities such as outlet malls, and
places of local interest.
As always, if you are wondering whether there will be enough for you to do
at SPAH 2003, read on!
Listen to fabulous scheduled entertainment for 17 hours, shop in the SPAH
store for 17 hours, play in the Jazz club for 9 hours, buy a SPAH 2003
T-shirt or Tote bag, attend harmonica seminars for 32 hours, go to spouse 
for 10 hours, listen and play at the blues jams for 8 hours, win prizes at
4 raffles, learn from Simpson/Smith for 6 hours, visit the SPAH / Harp
Depot / Hohner  stores for 50 hours, go to the open mic for 11
hours, look at antique harmonica displays or just visit and play with
friends for 109 hours if you don't happen to like sleeping.
We hope to see you at SPAH 2003. We know you'll have a great time!

Douglas Tate ...SPAH President
Al Scifres?.........CEO - Festival Planning

SPAH members Info and registration packs are in the mail.
If you are thinking of coming along and NEED a registration pack, please
send your snail mail address to:-
Subject: Registration Packet

For More Information if you are just curious about what goes on:-

The Hotel:- The Harvey, Irving, Texas, USA
To book a room:- see the ?Hotel Registration? at the http://WWW.SPAH2003.com
website mentioned above it describes  how to book.

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