Re: Lee Oscar's Integrity

>Lee himself called me as well, when I left his website a message about a
>song I am researching.  It was a thrill to hear from him.  I was shocked
>at first.
>Lee was very helpful and down to earth.  I brag about it to this day.  I
>even saved his number as "proof" to my harp-playing buddies!  LOL!!
>I feel he is truly a great man.
>Lonesome Dave

   I mentioned your name to Lee at Columbus (during the Jazz Jam). 
Told him that you had a tune buzzing around in your head but since 
you never got back to me, HE should expect you to contact him sooner 
or later.
   Yes, he is QUITE the nice guy. What was the tune? Did you get it 
straightened out?.....smokey-joe

P.S. the accent is DANISH.

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