Re: What's in my cd player and CM live

Brian.Sentance@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:
<< So...I've got CM on the brain and am listening to 'Stand Back', 'The Blues 
Never Die', and Chicago the Blues Today,vol3'
 with Charlie and Big Walter sharing harp duties. Trying to get into 'One 
Night in America' but you need to be
 in a certain mood for it, but the couple cuts from it he played live were  >>

i agree that you have to be in the mood, but it's also my second favorite 
musselwhite, after stand back!  it's not standard blues, that's for sure. 
i've been wanting to get continental drifter (?), as i understand that was a 
different animal, as well.  i also recall that many folks i know didn't like 
it because of that...odd position stuff, latin rhythms, etc.  sounds like a 
good reason to check it out, to me.

steven j gatorman

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