My First Hand Experience with Lee Oscar's Integrity

I ordered replacement Eb reed plates for my LO.  Had some difficulties in that 
there was no sound on the draw on some of the holes.  I ordered them from Coast 
to Coast and John Watts suggested that I contact LO.  I got on the LO website 
and emailed them re: my problem.  A few days later, I get a personal call from 
Lee himself!!!!!

We set up a mutually convenient appointment and he instructs me on how to 
massage the reeds in order to get a better gap.  This improved some of the 
problem.  We a good 35 minutes working together until he analyzed that the 
problem would require a tool that I did not have.  He thought it might be a 
lateral reed adjustment on the 6 draw.  

Lee is sending me new reed plates and Iwill send him these which he will 
personally inspect.  He may keep them for Quality Control or send them back to 
me fixed.

Thank you Lee for your integrity.

Thought I would share this with our colleagues on Harp-L.

Kindest regards,

Dennis "Doc" Alters

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