re: What's in my cd player and CM live

Hi All:
Well it's been almost two weeks and I'm still all a buzz from seeing Charlie Musselwhite and
his band down at the good old Yale Hotel up here in Vancouver. Seems we are getting fewer US players
into Canada with heightened border restrictions (Paul deLay got turned back a few months ago, but that's for other
reasons :).

So...I've got CM on the brain and am listening to 'Stand Back', 'The Blues Never Die', and Chicago the Blues Today,vol3'
with Charlie and Big Walter sharing harp duties. Trying to get into 'One Night in America' but you need to be
in a certain mood for it, but the couple cuts from it he played live were ~really~ good.

Also as much Big Walter as I can find. He's on a lot of Johnny Young and Johhny Shines discs. 'Fine Cuts', as 
has been repeated many times on the L, is a must have for everybody.

As for Charlie's show. Really good to finally see him live (had tickets for other shows but work sent me out of town,
the bums!!). Charlie was great but what stood out was the excellent players in his band. Guitar, keyboard, bass, drums.
All of them right in the pocket, all the time, no matter what the speed. I usually prepare myself to shudder a bit
during keyboard solos for when they 'lose it' a bit, but not here! (Sorry didn't get names.) The guy on keys was rock
steady from top to bottom no matter what break neck pace he set. Always came out right in the groove. Same for the
guitar player. Fluid, inventive, tasteful, spot on everytime. 

They scheduled the show a bit differently. Charlie was on from 8 to 9:30 or so with Harpdog Brown coming on at 10 'til
the wee hours. Charlie had a brief break (after an encore of Cristo Redemptor. Sublime!) and came out and talked, signed
autographs and hung out for 3 or 4 songs of Harpdog's set. (Pressure much? Imagine coming on after Charlie Musslewhite
with him sitting 15 feet away.) Harpdog did fine though. Had the dancers back up right away and rocking the place. 
Charlie left with a big thumbs up for Harpdog as he made his way out through the crowd. Class act!

(who plays number up!)    

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