Re: 1st Chromatic

I asked about a good first - or near first in my case - chromatic on
harptalk list and the 7148 Special 48 was the one most recommended
there,also. So, I ordered one for my birthday next month and hopefully it
will get here by then. I've actually had dreams about it,though I would
never admit it anywhere but here ;)

Playing an old Chrometta 12 with molded on plastic mouthpiece has not done
much to encourage me to learn Chromo. Even after I took out all the nails
and drilled and micropored it then put on Bill Romel windsavers. That crummy
mouthpiece, with it's huge square holes and slide that rips mustache hairs
out on occasion, is still there. The Chrometta has a nice mellow tone but is
so terribly uncomfortable to play.

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> Thanks John, its now the Special 48 huh? Anyone else got such great
> experience with this harp? Is anything better for the money?
> Vince Cheney
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