Amplified effects chain

I have a question for some of you guys who know about studio separates and 
effects processing.  I have an amplifier that consists of a tube preamp and 
solid state amplifier (in a cabinet with 2 10s), and I have been running the 
input (HiZ mic) through an Alesis Wedge to add a little reverb and some other 
things before piping it into the preamp.  I want to switch to an Alesis 
MidiVerb (which will mount in the cabinet), and am curious whether I should put 
the effects before the preamp (as I have been) or between the preamp and 
amplifier in the chain.  Either setup is workable, in fact, I am redesigning 
the amp layout to put the input jacks in the top while all the rack units face 
forward for control and visibility.  

Anyone familiar with studio effects chains and how these two setups will 
differ, which one is preferred?

- -tim

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