Re: What's on your CD player? - doctor juke

harp and harp purposes
Best Hooker n' Heat
Treat Her Right - Treat her Right
The The - hanky panky - "honky tonkin' " is hell on wheels
Red Hot Chill Peppers - btw - trying to sharpen my 3rd position - this singer told me on of the songs "it's just a minor thing.."

non harp fun
Tubeway army - replicas - drums guits, synths
Scott4 - Scott 4 - synth guitars, slide guitars
Appollo Four Forty - Electra Glide in Blue - hold on, there IS harp in 'tears of the Gods'

Dear doctor,

I got a babboon bark in my juke riff - from that 3 hole bent thingy - don't play it and the bark disappears.

will the affliction disappear with further intensive practice?

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