Re: 1st Chromatic

I really don't know much about the "technical" aspects of anything, I'm just
a blues man (that's why I try to stay quiet)! But I can't think of a better
"first chromatic" than what was my first. Musselwhite gave me one of his
Hering Signature harps for my birthday. I do NOT know if the reeds were
custom set-up or not but every note blew PERFECT for a long time. I still
have that harp and it has replacement for it to. If the Hering model
#whatever is close to what it was when Charlie gave his endorsement, it's a
GREAT harp and I have yet played a chromatic that is comparable in that
price rage! I know Charlie will NOT ever play another Hering (that's another
topic) but even he still thinks that is a great chromatic! That's my
suggestion, anyone recall the Hering model # (I forgot).

Vince Cheney

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