Re: Inspirational non-harmonica CD's

I would agree with Miles and Prez as models for phrasing but would add Lady
Day and Willie Nelson to the list. Playing the diatonic harp is so close to
singing and both singers can get more from a song than anyone else I've
heard. Willie's guitar phrasing is pretty amazing too.

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> Easy answer on that one...
> Anything with Lester Young.
> Prez was the king of phrasing.  He had this way of dropping into the
> pocket and coming out with the most incredible phrases - every note and
> every space between notes loaded with feeling.
> I figure if I listen to him enough, maybe some of that amazing sense of
> phrasing and timing will rub off on me.
> Just my $0.02
> Russ
> IcemanLE@xxxxxxx wrote:
> > The "What's in My CD Player" post generated a lot of fun responses.
> >
> > As a serious student and harmonica educator, I am fascinated by those
> > non-harmonica CD's that generate inspiration and ideas.
> >
> > Because I love linear playing, my inspiration has been Miles Davis and
> > Chet Baker. The way they they shape individual tones and craft lines
> > over even blues changes is an ever present source of musical wealth to
> >
> > In particular, the Miles release I used as my "What's in your CD
> > player" post and the wonderful live recording from Chet Baker "The
> > Last Great Concert, Vol I & II".
> >
> > The Iceman
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